CAGIEA is a private company, which was registered with the main objective of providing quality healthcare and other support services to the local communities and the corporate staff, with an aim of creating a free and healthy community in order to enhance labour productivities. Read more

Caregiver insurance

This is a product we intend to study and see how it can be developed with the insurance companies. We wish to see people taking up caregiver insurance as it is done with medical insurance.


The organization is developing training programs for short courses in areas of public health and care giving. We intend to engage facilitators from reputable health and voluntary institutions

Public, occupational health & safety
We intend to take up this business with various bodies i.e. the Ministry of health, Ministry of gender, Ministry of disaster preparedness and various local administrations.

Doctors and other medical on call
Part of what we do is to advice you on how the products you are purchasing are administered this is a precaution to reduce over doses.

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