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Caregivers East Africa LTD purpose is to achieve health, safety and social goals and solutions. We use the social investment approach to address the needs of society and communities while generating income from supplying equipment, training and services to the people and communities of East Africa. 

CAGIEA (Caregivers East Africa) is a for profit social enterprise whose core purpose is to create and implement social, health and safety solutions. We aim to generate profit in order to achieve social and environmental goals by harnessing market efficiency and partnerships with the public sector. Our partnerships with the public sector are critical to our mission and success to provide social and environmental solutions and services.
Caregivers East Africa was established in 2011 as a health and social service provider due to the gaps in the provision of social services in area of safety and health throughout Uganda and East Africa including Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, Central Africa Republic and Sudan
We are currently engaged in confined space rescue training and traffic control services as well as planning our Long Short Walk of 2016 and School Road Safety Campaign.
Our core objectives are to;

Provide rapid response rescue services to residential homes, shopping complexes, commercial businesses, schools and highways

Train personnel to utilize our state of the art rapid rescue approaches and technology for cars, trucks, buses, homes, commercial buildings

Establish operational rescue centers that are equipped with adequate rescue equipment and trained personnel at designated locations to have the ability to respond to traffic accidents on the roads and emergencies in the communities

Enhance policy dialogue on safety and increase the availability of rescue products for individual, town, community use to reduce excessive casualty and loss of life

Increase the availability of traffic control service by making available professionally trained and qualified traffic wardens to businesses and communities to reduce incidents and injuries

Safety Problems of Communities:

There are many situations, conditions and disasters that take place in our communities that call for added resources from the private sector. These range from small home based accidents to large community disasters that occur in places of work, roads, shopping centers and industrial areas. The existing mechanisms to deal with such incidents that can provide the rapid response rescue and ambulance services are limited to cities and urbanized locations.

Some existing safety and rescue assistance services focus on areas that do not address the client or public safety and accident scene management. These service providers are involved in incidents that address elements like road rescue of vehicles such as towing services, lock outs, fuel, flat tires and minor vehicle breakdowns.

In our services we seek to utilize core technology that will respond to all rescue requirements of persons involved in accidents and we will be accessible through a range of appropriate technology and skills of specifically trained response teams for various accidents, incidents and disasters. We will have the ability to maintain control of the accident scene to protect the bystanders and public since our rescue personnel will also be trained to serve as traffic wardens as well as first responders and emergency rescue persons.  Our personnel will be trained to assist any Traffic Police on the scene or take control and maintain safety until Police arrive.

These necessary but ill prepared rescue providers are not equipped to handle major, complicated and fatal accidents which may involve hazardous materials, explosions, vehicle crashes into buildings that causes a structure collapse or numerous injuries. Such accident scenes require specialized equipment and professionally trained personnel to control the scene and preserve lives.
Caregivers East Africa LTD
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Rescue Equipment and Services

Our products range from safety equipment, emergency rescue equipment to emergency services and safety training.  We are the authorized dealer in Uganda for one of the worlds leading manufacturer of rescue tools and safety equipment 

We have and range of products and services that we believe can address and mitigate danger if; such products were made available or that we educated the population about value and use.  We also believe that if some of our safety equipment were made compulsory to some applications they would prevent or minimize injuries and disasters.

An example is the specialized rescue equipment that allows to extricate or free injured persons from vehicles that are made of reinforced steel to minimize casualties in case of accidents. We have equipment with special features that address the issue of stronger construction of vehicles without causing further harm to drivers and passengers of accidents. 
Some critical and necessary emergency rescue tools and equipment every vehicle should have available and accessible are;

First Aid Kit
Fire Extinguisher
Seal Belt Cutter
Glass Breaker
Road Flares

Road Traffic Safety
Vehicle Breakdown - LED Safety Lights
Road Safety Emergency Flares Markers
LED Emergency 
Road Saftey Markers
Vehicle Emergency First Aid Kit
Emergency Seat Belt Cutter
Emergency Window Glass Breaker